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In later Endless Dungeon levels, either the Gas Trap!, the Treasure Chest, or Treasure Chest (Mimic) may appear as their own event cards.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Dead King's Hall

Event[edit | edit source]

While exploring a dungeon, you see a treasure chest at the end of a hall.
The chest may hold great wealth, but the chamber may be trapped.
  • A) Approach treasure chest.
Success (x1 dealt):
The hall is silent as you move forward.
Proceed to chest.
Failure (x3 dealt):
You move forward carefully, but suddenly hear a 'click'.
The room begins to fill with deadly gas!
  • A) Attempt to escape the gas.
Success (x1 dealt):
You dive through the billowing clouds to reach the other side safely.
Proceed to chest.
Failure (x2 dealt):
You make your way through the clouds, coughing out some dangerous gas once you make it to the other side.
Draw 1 Health Pain Card.
Huge Failure (x1 dealt):
Draw 3 Pain Cards.

You approach the treasure chest.
The treasure chest looks battered, but still intact. What treasure might it hold?
  • A) Attempt to pry it open.
(If the lock is visible on the front of the chest, then:)
Success (x3 dealt):
After a mighty heave, the lock gives way and the spoils are yours!
Draw 4 Gain Cards.
Acquire card's token.
Failure (x1 dealt):
The treasure chest stubbornly refuses to give way to your attempts. You leave, disappointed.
Event Ends.
Huge Failure:
The treasure chest stubbornly refuses to give way to your attempts. In your earnestness, your weapon slips from your grip and smashes you in the face.
Draw 1 Pain Cards.
(If the chest does not have a lock, then:)
Success (x2 dealt):
You escape unharmed.
Event ends.
Huge Failure (x2 dealt):
As you approach, the chest growls, then bites you!
Draw 1 Pain Card.
Draw 1 Gain Card.
The creature stands up on two feet and attempts to consume you.
  • A) Continue.
Success (x1 dealt):
You escape unharmed.
Event ends.
Failure (x1 dealt):
The beast strikes you twice before you escape its reach.
Draw 2 Pain Cards.
Huge Failure (x2 dealt): The fight is long and brutal.
Draw 4 Pain Cards.

  • B) Leave it alone.
You leave the treasure to be ventured by some other explorer.
Event ends.

  • B) Leave it.
You back slowly out of the hall.
Event ends.

Token[edit | edit source]

For plundering a locked treasure chest, you receive:

Equipment: Fool's Gold
(DLC Only: Gain Card: Armoury Draw 2, select one to keep)