The Tavern

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Event[edit | edit source]

In a tavern, you meet a ship's captain. "Pirates have taken over my ship, 'The Drunken Wench'. Help me reclaim her and I'll share whatever treasure remains in her hold!"

  1. Help. Note: It is possible to have to fight a kraken and not get any of the following options. Unknown if this can occur before defeating the Kraken chain quest.
Huge Success: Get 2 random reward cards (do NOT receive token)
Success: Get 1 random reward card (do NOT receive token)
Huge Failure: 4 Pain Cards
Failure: You are too late and have to face the pirates.
Huge Success: Fight a King of dust + one random dust.
  1. Attack the captain: 3 pain cards + 4 gain cards + card's token
  2. Offer to share the treasure: Gain nothing (no token) or 3 gain cards
  3. Tell him he can keep it: 1 gain cards
Success: 1 gain card + 1 blessing card
Failure: Nothing happens
Huge Failure: 4 pain cards
  1. Refuse: Chance to Draw 1 Curse Pain Card, and ends encounter

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Queen of Scales

Token[edit | edit source]

Encounter:Pirate Map