The Song of the White Minotaur

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Event[edit | edit source]

The Mug and Barrel Inn is renowned for attracting the most talented bards from all around. You arrive there weary from your adventures but tonight's entertainment convinces you to settle by a hearth for a while. Hours pass and the crowd starts to thin, the bard now moves around the room playing requests for small groups. He serenades a pair of young lovers for a meagre sum and then is generously tipped to lead a group of blacksmiths in chorus of foul language aimed at folks from the next town over. He approaches you. "Well, well, well, (what) do we have here, a most most distinguished adventurer. No tale of chivalry or brash tribalism will do. Yo will require a fable of bloodshed, heroism, and death." The bard sing to you the fable of The White Minotaur, a legendary beast who is master of both might and magic. It has felled every adventurer, bounty hunter or treasure seeker it has ever crossed. At the close of his song the bard leans in close to you and whispers "The whit minotaur is no myth, I met a man two nights ago who hunts the beast as if he were its long shadow. I'd wager any adventurer would be interested in the tales he told me over supper? All yours for a small donation..."

"...I like the look of you, does 5 gold sound fair?" Pay the bard 5 gold?
"...All yours for only 15 gold" Pay the bard 15 gold?
Huge Failure(x1):
"...I'll take all the gold in your pockets." Pay the bard all your gold?

1) Agree

You're bestowed all the knowledge the bard has on the White Minotaur.
Acquire card's token. Lose X gold

2) Refuse

"My apologies. I mistook you for someone with a sense of adventure."

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

"The Winter Hunt" DLC

Token[edit | edit source]

For hearing the song of the White Minotaur, you receive:
Encounter: Hunting the Huntsman