The Lonely Bard

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Event[edit | edit source]

One day, on your travels, you meet a familiar face - the young man whom you helped escape town with his beloved. He is sitting under a tree, singing to himself.
As you approach, you realise he stinks of ale and his singing is a little too merry. He looks up as you approach.
"You! Haven't you caused enough sorrow?" He stops to take another sip from a bottle. "Thanks to you, we escaped the town!" He goes on to explain that, once they were free of their father's pursuit, his beloved ditched him.
"For the first mercenary we met! If only we'd never left..." He continues, angrily, "Now I must beg for coin to pay for my drink. 10 gold for a song! Or have you no pity for fools?"

  • A) Pay 10 gold for a song.
You throw him a few coins and he composes himself.
Good Outcome:
He begins to sing. He conjures up vivid and heartfelt imagery of beauty and innocence, lifting your morale and inspiring you to epic deeds.
Draw 1 Max Health Gain Card.
Acquire card's token.
Bad Outcome:
He begins to wail about beauty hiding a corrupt and evil soul. You've obviously caught him in a bad mood and the cacophony lowers your morale.
Draw 1 Max Health Pain Card.
The song ends and he drifts into a restless slumber. You continue your journey.

If you encounter this card after Wandering Minstrels, and you gave enough gold or food to them for them to mention playing in Kadere, you will automatically mention this to the bard if you buy his services.

You tell him that the Duke of Kadere is holding a victory celebration soon, inviting ministrels and bards from across the land.

You part ways at the next tavern.

This will result in a unique card, The Band, being placed somewhere on the same level. It is highly recommended to hunt this card down.

  • B) Leave him to his misery.
The bard lies down to sleep as you continue your journey.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Angry Guild Master

Token[edit | edit source]

For buying a song from the lonely bard, you receive: