The Land Locked Lubber 2

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Event[edit | edit source]

You return to The Land Locked Lubber and find it somehow even emptier than before. Carlo is entertained by the story of your time in Knollwich. You explain that you were told you'll need a "Highbinder" to find the missing ships. Carlo laughs "It's not 'A Highbinder', its 'The Highbinder'.He's a broker of information. If he knows anything about the missing boats then he'll tell us, if we can pay his price." "I'll contribute what I can towards The Highbinder but as you can see, the tavern business hasn't made me a rich man. He accept any currency, but we'll have to provide enough to make it worth his while."

  • A) Pay 20 food
  • B) Pay 50 gold
  • C) Pay 1 Iron Ore
"Alright then, I'll send word along with our payment and The Highbinder will set a meet."
Lose chosen resource. Acquire card's token.
  • D) Refuse to pay anything.
"The Highbinder is our only avenue at thus point, we'll need to pay his price to find out more."

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Smugglers Wharf

Token[edit | edit source]

For paying the fee to The Highbinder you receive this card.
Meet The Highbinder