The Kraken Cult

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Event[edit | edit source]

Your information takes you through swamp and marsh to lands lost in a fog of decay and ruin. You smell the pyre long before you can see or hear it. Something unquestionably outlandish awaits.

  • A) Get Closer
With their focus elsewhere, it is easy for you to make your way closer to the ritual.
Despite the foreboding burning Kraken that towers over the proceedings, as you creep closer you realise there's a sense of frivolity among the assembled Lizardmen.
  • A) Get Closer
You stay hidden for hours as the ritual winds down, and eventually the Lizardmen depart leaving smouldering ash as the only testament to their presence.
Getting closer to the fiercest fires causes reflections to bounce of elements of your armour and weapons, alerting the gathering to your presence.
The revelation of an interloper alarms the gathered lizardmen, and they scream and writhe and spit but do not attack. You are forcibly bundled toward the feet of the great Kraken statue and into an audience with a leader who appears older than any Lizardman you've ever seen.
"We do not welcome strangers to this place but do not fear, we will not kill an adventurous sort like you. We are in need of champions in dire times such as these. We've always know mages to be disdainful and cruel but now they take to capturing our kind and shipping them off."
"We pray to the Kraken to stop these ships and free the captives. Our faith is strong and it is that faith that brought you here to aid us. Will you help?"
  • A) Aid the Lizardmen
"We are grateful, but it is not I who will grant you this honour. A trial by combat is required for you to prove your worth to the Kraken."
Acquire card's token.
  • B) Refuse
"Your lack of faith is disturbing, leave this place." You are swiftly removed and they care not for your personal safety.
Draw 1 pain card.
  • B) Turn around
You sneak back out of the cult meeting.
Your attempts at stealth are foiled as you attempt to squeeze between a Lizardman and a brazier. Although the Lizardman is lost in chanting to the Kraken, you neglect to account for his tail. You trip, sending yourself and the brazier spilling to the ground.
  • B) Turn around
You sneak back out of the cult meeting.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

The Land Locked Lubber 3

Token[edit | edit source]

For finding the Kraken cult you receive this card.
Encounter: Trial by Combat