The Goblet

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The Goblet is the reward for defeating the first 3 Courts: the Jack of Dust, the Jack of Skulls, and the Queen of Dust. The effects it grants are permanent.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Stronger Counter-Attacks
Your Counter-attacks do more damage.
  • Increased Stun
Your stunning attacks now render enemies dazed for longer.
  • New Starting Gear
Your starting equipment has been upgraded.
  • Bandit Strength Increase
Bandits have had their strength increased.
  • Skeleton Strength Increase
Skeletons have had their strength increased
  • Bandit Throwing-Knives
Bandits now have throwing-weapons.

Starting Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Goblet affects Starting Equipment in the following ways:

  • Weapon: The player will begin every adventure with an Axe.
  • Shield: The player will begin every adventure with a Shield.

Once The Goblet has been acquired, the player should remove all basic Axe, Sword, and Shield cards from the Equipment Deck, in order to avoid drawing useless equipment.