The Altar

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Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Battle At Brooktop

Event[edit | edit source]

On a deserted hilltop in a far away land you discover an old altar.

The gods of the old religion are powerful, yet unpredictable, in their favours. Do you wish to pray at the altar?

  • A) Yes.
(If token has not been acquired:)
Huge Success:
Acquire card's token.
On bended knee, you beseech the gods to aid you in your quest. A distant rumbling and a flash of lightning answers your prayers
Draw 1 Blessing Card.
Acquire card's token.
Huge Failure:
On bended knee, you beseech the Gods to aid you in your quest. A deafening clap of thunder answers your prayer.
A sudden shower of gigantic hail stones almost kills you!
Lose 90% of health.
(If token has already been acquired:)
Draw 1 Blessing Card.
Lose a Blessing.
Huge Failure (x1 dealt):
Draw 1 Curse Card
Lose all Blessings.
NOTE: cards dealt is different. Has been seen with 3x success, 1x huge failure. With 10+ blessings, it has been seen with 1x success, 3x huge failures. Possibly based on the difference between blessings and curses you carry.
  • B) No.
You leave the stone edifice in peace.
Event ends.

Token[edit | edit source]

For gaining the praise of the gods of the old religion, you receive:
Encounters:Demon Trader
DLC Only: Gain Card: Great Fortune 30 gold