Test of Pride

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Event[edit | edit source]

We are the Pride Council, we stand in judgement of those who fight in the wild. If you are strong then we will assist you however if you are weak then you will deserve nothing.
"This is the final time we shall judge you as a trialee, if you are ready then you shall join us soon. Do you sit now to be judged"

  • A) Prepare to be judged.
The Pride Council sit in judgement of you.
  • If max health is low:
"You lack the strength to walk among us. This land is a fertile hunting ground, we suggest that you hunt more vigorously."
  • If max health is higher, but insufficient ≤115?:
"This is the most stringent test, you must be stronger than ever before. You are within reach of the pride, you must claw yourself a little further."
  • If current health is low:
"You have the potential to be strong however you are currently too weakened by combat and mishap, heal your wounds and you will be ready to join the pride."
  • If cursed:
"You are strong but you are burdened by curses, remove those impediments and you will be ready to join the pride".
  • If max health and current health is sufficient and not cursed:
"You make us proud with your strength. You have passed our test, great honour awaits in your future."
As a sign of your strength take this sword, it is only given to members of our pride.
Gain Lion Prince Sword.
"We must continue to search this land for others of strength."
  • B) Postpone your judgement.
"You must judge your own strength before we can. Return when you feel you are ready."

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Test of Pride 3