Summer Solstice

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Summer Solstice.jpg

Event[edit | edit source]

You make your way to the sacred stones, at midday on the summer solstice. The druids - still clad from head to toe in their long robes - are all standing quietly on the stones, waiting for you. One of them speaks. "We are ready to begin." You pace the perimeter of the stones, while the druids form a circle and begin chanting. Soon, their low droning attracts the attention of some Ratmen.

Draw 2 Monster cards.

(After Combat)With the Ratmen dispatched, you turn back to check on the progress of the druids' ceremony. They appear oblivious to you, absorbed in their chanting, and the ritual continues. Your skirmish with the Ratmen seem to have brought you to the attention of a group of bandits.

Draw 2 Monster cards.

(After Combat)The druids' ceremony ends as you defeat the last of the bandits. "You have completed your task. Here is your reward"

Draw 3 Gain cards. Acquire card's token.

"The next ceremony must take place from dusk, a week from now. You will be here."

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]


Token[edit | edit source]

Encounter:Twilight Ritual