Suit of Plague

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The Suit of Plague is the third enemy type encountered in the game, and one of the four court members. They are ratmen. They come in two varieties. Melee, and ranged. The melee ones use their claws, while the ranged ones throw spears.

Warning when killed, any Suit of Plague member will drop a poison cloud that persists for several seconds. If the player lingers in the cloud for long, they will be poisoned and lose several health over time.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • The Sceptre: Ratmen deal more damage.
  • The Pentacle: The melee ratmen can now perform a leaping attack that can be countered with a shield.
  • The Dagger: Ratmen have more health.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Suit of Plague can be a dangerous suit to face. The melee have two starting attacks, and gain a third after the King of Skulls is defeated. The first is a swipe, the second is several swipes that cannot be blocked or countered. The indicator comes up just before the attack happens, so it is hard to avoid. The best way to predict the attack is to watch their movements. If they raise their hand without a green 'counter' indicator appearing, they are performing the unblockable attack. The leaping attack can be countered, but it does have a bit of range and you can get multiple ratmen using it at the same time so be quick on the counter button.

The ranged ratmen have two attacks. They will either throw one spear at you, or several in a row. The player must press the button to deflect for each spear, and they come quickly.