Suit of Mages

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The Suit of Mages is a special suit. It is not a member of the Court. They are unlocked after the player finds the Mages Tower encounter card, and decides to enter. After this encounter, they can be found anywhere in any encounter that doesn't have specific enemy types attached to it. They are typically encountered in groups of three.

Description[edit | edit source]

The mages of Korran are the last human magic-users. They are worshipped and feared in equal measure.

They hide in their towers, which they build ever-upwards, to grow closer to the gods they hope to usurp.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • None. Only Court members receive upgrades.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Mages can easily defeat an ill prepared player. They have two attacks. They can send out a slow moving spell that tracks the player and should be deflected as dodging is very hard. They also have a charged attack. This one has a music cue, and when the player hears that, they should immediately take note of the location of all the mages. They will charge the attack, then send out three lines of fire that persist for a couple seconds and cause constant damage to the player if they touch it. Multiple mages can do this at once and when they do, they tend to cast it at each other to form a triangle.

Mages also have a shield that they will summon if attacked with a melee strike. If the player performs a shield bash, the mage will drop the shield for a few seconds and can be attacked normally.

It is strongly recommended to perform a finisher on a downed mage, as they tend to attack infrequently and are few in number. They also have low health so they may die the first time they are knocked down.