Suit of Goblins

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Description[edit | edit source]

Being stout and meek, goblins know they cannot use strength or fear to survive. They rely on more mischieveous methods; they steal from you when you are asleep and escape through magical portals.

Scavengers of the earth tell tales of the hidden vaults that these goblins hide their ill-gotten loot in. Their portals are made by dark magic, unkind to all but themselves.

The Suit of Goblins is a special suit. It is not a member of the court. Unlike the other enemies they don't attack, but they are able to steal the player's items, food and gold. They are unlocked after the player defeats the Jack of Dust, and they locked into the players deck until the player has defeated the encounter. After this encounter, the player can remove this card from play if they want to. Goblins can only be encountered with Goblins card. They are typically encountered in groups of three. Sometimes they are aided by a suit card in the battle.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • None. Only court members receive upgrades.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Goblins are the weakest enemies in the Game. They don't attack but they steal items, food and gold from the player. There is time limit in which the player has the defeat the Goblins and get their stolen items (weapon, shield or artifact), food and gold back. If the player does not kill the Goblins with the time limit, the Goblins with blow a horn, which summons a portal, the player has to stop the goblins from reaching the portal or lose their stolen goods forever. For that reason the Goblins should be dealt with quickly, especially if there are other targets from a helping suit card around.

Hitting a Goblin makes him drop some gold (not the gold stolen from the player), that can be picked up by running over it. This fact makes the Goblin Encounter a good filler card for proficient players as it is low risk (the supporting suit card rarely triggers) and assures some gold.