Soldiers on Leave

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Event[edit | edit source]

In a busy town, you meet three dishevelled soldiers. "We got drunk last night," one of them explains, "and gambled away all our gold." "And our helmets!" another joins in.
"We'll trade food for any helmets you have on you." "Our Captain's gonna have our hides if we turn up without them!"
"He always says 'only a fool goes into battle without a helmet!'"
  • A) Give the soldiers your helmet.
You hand over your helmet and they give you some food.
Draw 2 Food Gain Cards.
The soldiers pass the helmet around, each trying it on. "This is a strange-looking thing, but I guess it'll do the job."
"Have you got another? We'll pay more for a second helmet."
(presented with the same options as initially. see "Rewards/Penalties" section for details)
  • B) Give the soldiers nothing.
The soldiers lose interest in you and begin to harass every other armed person they see.

Details[edit | edit source]

You encounter three soldiers who ask for helmets as they lost theirs. If you give them yours, you get rewarded. This encounter remains active even if you refuse, so you can go back at any time. Keep in mind it WILL NOT save your progress if you leave, so if you give two helmets, leave, then come back, it will act like you have them none.

There is no penalty for refusing to give them a helmet.

The Firsts helmet given is the one you are wearing, after which, another helmet will be equiped, seemingly decided by value, and then that will be the helmet to be trader and so on.

Rewards/Penalties[edit | edit source]

First helmet: 2 food Gain Cards

Second helmet: 3 food Gain Cards

Third helmet: 5 food Gain Cards, token

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Defeat Queen of Dust

Token[edit | edit source]

Items:Ring of Defense