Soldier's Training (Encounter)

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Event[edit | edit source]

You arrive outside a barracks. You are immediately approached by a Sword Liege of The Duke's army.
"You look good with a weapon. Get in here and show these wastrels how to survive on the field of battle."

  • 1) Show them how it's done: Proceed to A
"We've rounded up some local brigands for you to practice on." You stride confidently into the combat practice area.
  • 2) Pretend you're not a very good warrior: Proceed to A
The Sword Liege interrupts your protests "I know a skilled soldier when I see one, no fool carries gear like yours and doesn't know how to fight. Now get in there before I deal with you myself!"
  • 3) Decline: Proceed to A
You attempt to evade your duty, the Sword Liege angrily rebuts, "My apologies soldier, did I phrase that in a manner in which you seemed to have a choice? Get in there and do your best before I handle you myself!"

A) But Thou Must
Draw 2 Monster Cards.
I want to see you chain together consecutive attacks without getting hit." Get your combo meter up to 30.
(Monsters don't die, and the player must get their combo meter up to 30 to proceed.)

Note: With Depth of Night the player can veto the initial selection of monsters, especially useful if a court card was drawn

Reward[edit | edit source]

(after combat)Thanks for your services soldier. We need well trained fighter's in times like these. I can't offer you much payment but go see Gerald at our stores and he'll see what we might be able to spare.
Draw 2 Gain Cards.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Soldier's Training 3