Shadow Agent 7

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Event[edit | edit source]

Hunting through the streets of Steigal, you believe you have found your target. The building indicated on the map to be holding Bartley's fortune in wine sits on the dock, with a back overhanging the river Ernst. It appears to be formidably protected. Heavy locks and magical inscriptions adorn every visible opening. Guards patrol outside and on the rooftop night and day. Yet, business continues. Occasionally a boat load of barrels is delivered to the rear of the building, other times a wagon loaded with barrels will enter and then leave an hour or so later with fresh barrels. You consider your options to gain entry.

  • A) Sneak onto a wagon as it arrives.
You find a suitable building on the main approach to the warehouse and lift yourself to a vantage point from which to wait for a suitable wagon while remaining hidden. An hour or two later a wagon of barrels comes rolling down the road to the warehouse.
You land lightly on the stack of barrels atop the wagon and carefully slip into an empty one. The wagon rumbles its way up to the warehouse and soon moves inside. As the empty barrels are unloaded you slip away into the darkest corners to wait for nightfall.
You land on the stack of barrels heavily, putting your foot through the lid of one of them. The wagon stops at the commotion and you hastily roll off the back and disappear into the crowds before you get spotted.
Huge Failure(x1):
A pack mule walks in front of the wagon, causing the horses to suddenly stop the wagon. You land on top of the wagoner and together you fall in a heap onto the cobblestones.
Draw 1 health pain card.
The guards around Bartley's warehouse approach as you disappear into the crowds, thwarted for this day.
You decide that your best chance is to climb a nearby building, wait for another wagon to approach and then drop down onto it. You find a suitable building on the main approach to the warehouse, but as you are climbing the building somebody inside notices you. Assuming you are a thief up to no good, they call for the town guards. You leap back to the ground and disappear into the crowd.
  • B) Swim the river to find another entrance.
Chance cards affected by armour.
Light: 2x Success, 2x Failure
Medium: 2x Success, 1x Failure, 1x Huge Failure
Heavy: 2x Failure, 2x Huge Failure
Fighting the strong current you manage to maneuver yourself under Bartley's warehouse and locate a trapdoor into the building. Climbing up and into the trapdoor takes time but you manage to climb into the building undetected. You slip away into the darkest corners to wait until nightfall.
The river current is strong. While you have strength enough to keep your head above the waters, you have little chance to control where the river is taking you. At a bend in the river you manage to climb out - exhausted, wet and no closer to the contents of Bartley's warehouse.
Huge Failure:

(If successful)Eventually night falls and the warehouse is empty, save for the occasional brief visit from the night watch. Between check you examine the contents of the warehouse and find a trapdoor opening up over the river. As quietly as you can, you begin rolling barrels through the trapdoor and into the fast flowing waters.

Huge Success(x1):
You move all the barrels of wine you believe to have worthwhile vintages into the river and make one last inspection. Hidden under a floorboard you find some gold and a few bottles of wine. It looks like one of Bartley's workers has been helping himself to the warehouse inventory. A guard enters the building as you remove the coins and exit through the trapdoor into the waters.
Draw 1 gold gain card.
You manage to move most of the barrels into the river before the guards are alerted. You jump into the river as they close in with swords and lanterns held high.
Too soon the guards outside notice your clumsy barrel handling and come storming, swords and lanterns held high. You jump into the waters to escape their fury.

Some time later you are dragged out of the river and dumped unceremoniously onto the shore. A group of swathy figures surround you in the dim light of early morning. One in particular lifts a sizable spiked club to your face.

(If Successful) "Not a bad haul tonight," the man comments, helping you to your feet. "Here is your payment, as we agreed."
Draw 3 gold gain card.
"A pleasure doing business with you." You leave the band of men to finish oraganising the barrels for transport and slink into the shadowy streets.
Acquire card's token.
(If unsuccessful)"What happened? Where are the rest of the barrels? We had deal!" You explain your hasty exit and promise that next time you will deliver all the goods as promised. "Next time? Bah! You're not worth dealing with. Throw him in again boys and let's get going." Somewhere downstream you pull yourself out once more, bruised, soaked and none richer than the day before.
Draw 1 pain card.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Shadow Agent 6

Token[edit | edit source]

Encounter: Shadow Agent 8