Shadow Agent 6

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Event[edit | edit source]

You return to the small tavern outside the town of Steigal.
You enter, already formulating a plan on how to deploy the poison in the vial given to you by Bartley. You are called over to the usual meeting area and note that neither Bartley nor his friend are present.
"What luck that you have dropped into the inn at just this moment," one of them begins, casting a glance at the others.
"You see, we have just been discussing a new potential business opportunity for you."
"As it turns out, two members of our little group have proved to be problematic. "They just won't agree to any of our -" and he gestures to indicate all the others and himself, "- proposals for a new Guild Master."
"We can't get the mayor to agree to anything while those two are around, since together they control most of the wine importation."
"And the mayor does love his wine," jokes one of the others.
The first man sighs at the interruption and then continues, "So, we've decided that we should have them removed from the Guild as well. They are both out of town for a few days."
"Here is a map and instructions on how to find where they are keeping their most precious stock. It's a secure building, but a man of your talents should have no problem somehow moving the barrels to one of our warehouses."
"We know that they borrowed heavily to obtain most of it - completing your task will ruin them. They'll probably be sent to the arenas for failing to pay their debts."
"I can't wait to see poor Bartley running around, waving a sword!" one of the others exclaims. "They should give him a bottle to fight with, he'd have better luck with it!"
The group erupts with laughter as the man picks up a bottle and pantomimes having a sword fight with it.
You see the barmaid approach with more wine, so you quickly agree to the normal payment and make your exit. On the way out, you stop to talk to the barmaid.

Your flattery has the maid blushing. While she momentarily glances away modestly you spill some poison into the wine.
With that task completed, you wink at her and slip out the back door.
Acquire card's token.
Your clumsy attempts at flattery causes the maid to slap you. You make a speedy retreat from the tavern as she calls for the bartender to have you kicked out.
Huge Failure(x1):
''Your clumsy attempts at flattery causes the maid to slap you, knocking the vial of poison from your hand. The members of the guild stop talking and watch as it rolls across the floor towards them.
Then they look at you, hand still poised near the jug of wine. In an instant they are calling for their guards. You run out of the tavern and into a fight.
Draw 2 monster cards.
(After Combat)You quickly leave the tavern area.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Shadow Agent 5

Token[edit | edit source]

Encounter: Shadow Agent 7