Shadow Agent 5

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Event[edit | edit source]

As you wander the streets of Steigal you are drawn to a deserted alleyway by a beckoning hand. Two men wait for you and you recognise both as remaining members of the Merchant's Guild.
"Hello friend!" one of the men begins, then suddenly lowers his voice and glances around to make sure nobody heard that. "Ah, hello. Bartley and I were wondering if you would be interested in one more bit of paid work?"
"No names!" the one apparently called Bartley responds. "You never know who is listening or what this man will tell to whom - we aren't hiring him for his strong moral character after all."
He quickly looks back to you, saying "Uh, no offense."
"You see, the other guild members, they just aren't reasonable. Petty squabbling has led to no new guild leader being chosen yet and we are worried and that this may go on for some time."
"We've been patient, but commerce in the city is falling apart under the strain. It is time for action."
"There's little time for subtlety. Take this," he hands you a small vial of dark liquid. "Three drops in a jug of ale should be enough. It is dark times indeed, but they brought it on themselves."
"The others will be meeting back at the tavern at sunset. I suggest you make a pretense of seeking more employment with them while carrying out your task."
"We won't be attending this evening."
"Won't even be in the city as it happens..." says the other.
"When we hear word that your task is completed successfully, we will return and meet you on the east shore of the river at dawn with your payment - double what you've been paid previously."
"If anyone asks, we never had this little chat," says Bartley, turning to leave, "Farewell."
"Sorry stranger!" the other man exclaims loudly to nobody in particular, "We can't help you find your lost dog!"
"Shut up!" replies Bartley as they slink away into the darkness.
Acquire card's token.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Shadow Agent 4

Token[edit | edit source]

Encounter: Shadow Agent 6