Secret Society

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Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

King of Plague

Event[edit | edit source]

Down a dark alleyway, in the slums of an ancient city, you find a door covered in strange markings.
  • A) Knock on the door.
If you have at least 4 more curses than blessings:
The house-demon sniffs and then says, approvingly, "You have the stench of the truly-accursed about you. You may enter."
Huge Success:
Lose 50% of Health but double Max Health, acquire card's token Your opponent hands you a tiny vial of liquid. Drinking it causes you to vomit uncontrollably for a few hours.
Afterwards though, you feel more hardy for having survived the experience. Your maximum health is doubled.
3 (or 4) equipment cards of which you can choose 2 cards, acquire card's token
Lose 50% Health
Huge Failure:
Instant death In the morning, you stumble out into the sunlight. You turn to say goodbye to the little house-demon, but the door has vanished.
  • B) Walk away.
A shudder runs through you and you turn away from the door. Soon, you are walking in the sunshine once more and its warmth gradually dispels your sense of unease.

Token[edit | edit source]

Equipment: Detonator Armour of the Watcher