Rock Fall!

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Rock Fall! is an Encounter Card first added in the Queen of Dust's Court. After the Queen of Dust is defeated, it is unlocked and added to your Encounter Cards. On console, this card can grant a token, which unlocks the Giant Eagle Encounter Card.

Possible Results[edit | edit source]

1/4 chance: 4x Pain Cards, 2x of which represent the loss of material goods.

1/2 chance: 1x Pain Card, optional fight with 2 Monster Cards, 2x Equipment Cards, token

1/4 chance: Optional fight with 2 Monster Cards, 2x Equipment Cards, token

Falling Rocks[edit | edit source]

The encounter starts with rocks raining down on the character. Despite an option being listed, they cannot be dodged.

4 cards are presented; 1 Success, 2 Failures, and 1 Huge Failure.

On a Success, the player manages to hide from the rock fall and takes no damage.

You dodge the rocks by ducking into a small cave. A few minutes later, you emerge and climb around the new rockfall.

On a Failure, the player is struck by the rocks and must draw a Pain Card.

On a Huge Failure, the player is struck by the rocks and knocked unconscious. They must draw 2 Pain Cards and then draw two more to represent loot stolen from the player while they're knocked unconscious. The encounter immediately ends.

Bandits[edit | edit source]

Assuming the player was not knocked unconscious by the rocks, they then hear bandits overhead and are presented with the choice to sneak away or climb up and fight.

You hear a voice somewhere above you say, "Did I hit him?"

1) Run up to attack the bandits.
You climb up to attack!
The dealer draws you 2 Monster Card. (sic)
You loot the bodies of the fallen bandits.
The dealer draws you 2 Gain Cards
2) Flee the area.

Eagle Nest[edit | edit source]

If the player fights the bandits, after the fight the player sees an eagle nest and a bear stealing an egg from it. The player is presented with the option of stealing eggs themselves or attacking the bear and returning the egg.

If the bear is attacked, it immediately flees, allowing the player to return the egg to the nest, in which case they gain a token which will unlock the Giant Eagle Encounter Card. Note that if fighting the Queen of Dust, this token will only unlock the Encounter Card if the Queen of Dust is successfully defeated.

The nest is skipped if the player has already acquired the token from this card.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Rock Fall! is high risk, high reward. The player is very likely to take at least some damage from the rocks falling, might be knocked out of the encounter entirely, and has to fight an encounter against two monsters, but stands a 3/4 chance of getting two pieces of Equipment out of the card.