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Event[edit | edit source]

You pass by an ominous mountain peak, rumored to the home of an oracle of the old gods.

The path the oracle is not long, but arduous and often dangerous.

1) Journey to visit the oracle
You set off up the thin, rocky path.
If this is chosen, one of the following 2 events may occur randomly, or you may end up directly at the oracle.
2) Do not visit the oracle

Event 1[edit | edit source]

You set off up the thin, rocky path.You reach a point where the trail becomes little more than a thin ledge stretching across a bare cliff face.
1) Attempt to cross the ledge
Success (x3)
A few stones shift as you make your way across, clattering down onto the rocks below. You manage not to fall, however, and continue on your journey.
Failure (x1)
You have almost reached the other side when you lose your footing and slip from the ledge. As you fall, you wonder whether the oracle foresaw this... Your journey to consult the oracle has failed.
The Dealer Draws you 1 Pain Card.
2) Turn back

Event 2[edit | edit source]

You set off up the thin, rocky path. Some time later, you hear voices in the tress ahead.
Draw 1-2 Monster Cards.
Travellers bringing gold for the oracle are often an easy target, it seems. They are sure to notice if you get any closer, but haven't seen you yet.
1) Attack the Cowards
You run forward, intent on bloodshed!
You quickly search the bodies of the fallen and then continue on your way to the oracle.
The dealer draws you 1 Gain Card.
2) Visit the Oracle another day.

Arriving at the oracle[edit | edit source]

The oracle sits in a darkened haze of smoke and incense. An attendant waits patiently for your decision.
1) Pay 5 gold to learn what the gods have planned for you.
The oracles lithe form writhes silently from in the darkness for some time, then whispers to the attendant.
The five blessings are returned to the top
The attendant continues to relay what the oracle has revealed.
This cards token is now yours.
The five curses are returned to the top.
2) Leave. Your path back down the mountain is relatively uneventful.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Wandering Minstrels

Token[edit | edit source]

Equipment:Oracle's Diadem