Moonlit Horror

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Event[edit | edit source]

You arrive at the sacred stones to find the robed druids again waiting for you in silence. "For this final ritual, you must place whatever enchanted items you possess in this chest, next to the stone table." "Our magic's are... delicate and may not be disturbed. We have brought common replacements for you to use to war us during the ceremony." "You refuse? Consider how profitable our arrangement has been in the past." "We offer you... five times the reward we gave you last time."

  • A) Accept.
You place your gear into the chest and take up the old equipment. "Now we may begin." the druid declares.
Lose all special equipment for the encounter.
Wordlessly, the other monks tear off their robes, revealing nothing but bones, animated by dark magic. Their leader pulls back his hood to stare at you with dark, undead eyes. "Your participation in those earlier rituals, by sacrificing those creatures to the Dark One, was crucial for this next part to succeed." "But now, you need only die to complete the ritual and become my unholy champion!"
Draw 1 Monster card.(Lich + skulls)
(After Combat)With the undead horrors defeated, you loot their bones and recover your equipment.
Draw 2 Equipment gain cards. Acquire card's token. Regain equipment.
From the lich, you recover a magical helm of unknown powers and origin. You take it to be identified at a later date.
  • B) Refuse.
Then the ceremony cannot occur. Our business here is complete." The robed figures turn as one and walk into the darkness of the forest.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Twilight Ritual

Token[edit | edit source]

Equipment:Clairvoyant Helm