Holy Forge

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Description[edit | edit source]

On a dusty, lonely plain you come across the shattered remains of an old Monastery. Searching through the building you meet an old man dressed in dirty robes.

As you traverse a particularly tricky trail across a mountain ridge you notice a dark ravine beneath you.

Details[edit | edit source]

Holy Forge and Metal Ore are a pair of encounter cards that only function when both in the deck, with the exception of expansion cards like The Elder Lizard which also use Metal Ore. Both are safe spaces and it is highly recommeded to include them in the deck even though luck may put the two encounters on different floors in an order that makes them impossible to use properly. When the Metal Ore encounter is activated, the player can investigate to retrieve the ore. The ore does not appear in the inventory, but its presence changes the Holy Forge encounter. Taking the ore is safe. Ignoring it generates a new choice to exchange 1 food for a worthless (non-)item.

Holy Forge:
Without the Metal Ore: The player meets the monk, who laments that the Forge used to make great weapons but they were attacked and all their metal was stolen. The player can only leave.
With the Metal Ore: The same occurs, but the player can show the monk the ore. The monk and player will then spend some time creating a powerful weapon, the Battle Hammer.
After creating weapon: The player finds the place completely empty.

When playing the Iron Hunger fate: 75 ore can be used in place of encountering Metal Ore.

Metal Ore:

When encountered, retrieving the metal ore will add 75 ore when playing the Iron Hunger fate. It can also be given to The Elder Lizard to receive 4 gain cards. When given to the Alchemist he gives you a health potion.

Rewards/Penalties[edit | edit source]

No ore: Nothing. Space remains active.
With ore: Battle Hammer. Token.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Defeating Jack of Scales

Token[edit | edit source]

Forbidden Armour