Meet The Highbinder

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Event[edit | edit source]

Your meet is arranged to happen by the cliffs outside Knollwich. However, when you arrive, you are greeted only by the icy cold embrace of the sea breeze.
Just as you're wondering if you've been swindled, a young street urchin comes rushing towards you. He hands you a note before disappearing down the cliff face with a speed and grace you would not dare match.
The note is from The Highbinder:
"Paranoia is always well founded. There is a Kraken attacking the ships leaving Knollwich, and the local smugglers are keen that nobody hears their services are at risk. I'm sorry that we couldn't meet in person, but I do detest violence. Especially when it may happen to me."
By the time you stuff the note in your pocket, you can already hear the approaching rabble.
"We don't like nobody stickin' their noses in where it don't belong. That include you and that sneaky git that were here before."

Draw 2 Monster Cards.

(After combat)With your pursuers defeated, you plan to return to Carlo to give him the bad news regarding the Kraken.

Acquire card's token.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

The Land Locked Lubber 2

Token[edit | edit source]

For discovering the truth behind the attacks on Knollwich port you receive these cards.
Encounters: The Tavern Attack, The Land Locked Lubber 3