Lost in Swamp

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"You become lost in a swamp. In all directions, you see nothing but murky water, twisted trees and mist. The smell is apalling."

"You hear a muffled movement and can just make out a humanoid figure in the mist, beckoning to you."

1) Approach the figure.

"You splash through the murky water towards the shape."

"As you draw near, you realise that it's just a tree; a torn old banner is stuck on one branch, waving in the cold wind."


"As you approach, you make out the figure of a clocked man. He suddenly leaps forward, as other men spring from behind the trees.."

The dealer draws you 2 Monster Cards.

[CYCLE A] "The dank, misty forest that surrounds you is eerily quiet as you struggle through the foetid waters."

A) Attempt to find a way out of the swamp.

Huge success: "You are pleasantly surprised to find that you were very close to the outskirts without realising it." (Cycle ends)

Success: "You find your way out of the swamp after only a day of wandering." (Lose 1 food, cycle ends)

Failure: "You wander through the mist for a day." "You find yourself no closer to getting out of the swamp." (Lose 1 food, back to [CYCLE A])

Huge failure: "The creatures of the swamp discover you, as you continue to search for a way out of the mist." (Draw 2 monster cards.)

"You loot the bodies for anything useful." (The Dealer Draws you 3 Gain Cards.)

"You find your way out of the swamp after only a day of wandering." (Lose 1 food, cycle ends)

B) Use your Oracle's Diadem helm to find your way out of the swamp. (Requires Oracle's Diadem helm)

"The magic of the diadem leads you swiftly to safety." (Cycle ends)

2) Move away in the opposite direction.

You carefully move away from the figure, as silently as the mire allows. (Go to [CYCLE A])