Lost in Desert

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Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Desert Storm

Event[edit | edit source]

You find yourself lost and alone in a desert.


  • A) Pray to the old Gods for salvation.
Huge Success (x1 dealt):
You stumble upon a long-lost tomb, with treasure still inside!
You loot the room
Draw 1 Artefact Card.
Acquire Card's Token.
Huge Failure (x3 dealt):
Your prayers go unanswered, and you are shot by an arrow. Looking up, you see bandits approaching.
Draw 2 Monster Cards.
Draw 1 Health Pain Card.
(After combat:) You salvage what you can and make your way out of the desert.
Draw 1-2 Gain Cards.

  • B) Wander aimlessly.
Huge Success:
You come across a caravan transporting spices. They share their food in exchange for tales of your adventures.
Draw 1 Food Gain Card.
Acquire Card's Token.
You wander aimlessly for some time, before finding your way back to civillisation.
Lose 1 food, Gain X health.
Acquire Card's Token.
Before finding your way out of the desert, you are ambushed!
Draw 2 Monster Cards.
Huge Failure:
Half your supplies are eaten by sand worms. Then you are ambushed.
Draw 2 Monster Cards.
Lose 50% food.
Prepare for Combat!
(After combat:)You salvage what you can and make your way out of the desert.
Draw 2 Gain Cards.

Token[edit | edit source]

For discovering a tomb while lost in the desert, you receive:

Encounter: Desert Cult