Lost Island 2

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Event[edit | edit source]

You've set sail for the lost island, you estimate that it will take about three weeks to get there.

Week 1:

The first weeks sailing is going well until your route is set to collide with that of a raging sea storm. What do you do?
  • A) Sail into the storm.
You tackle the storm head on and pass through it relatively quickly.
You make good progress.
Your ship is bruised and battered by the storm. Supplies and men are lost overboard.
Your progress is slowed significantly.
  • B) Sail around the storm.
You sail around the worst of the storm and suffer only a minor buffeting.
You make progress.
The storm changes direction towards you. Stuck in it's path you suffer a terrible battering.
Your progress is slowed significantly.
  • C) Hold anchor.
You hold anchor while the storm passes in front of you.
Your progress is slowed.
The storm changes direction towards you.
Your progress is slowed significantly.

Week 2:

During the second week you come across survivors, floating on the remains of their wrecked ship. What do you do?
  • A) Take them on board.
You spend a whole day helping sailors out of the water, they join your crew for the trip.
Your progress is slowed.
  • B) Share with them food and supplies from the ship.
You use supplies from your ship to help the survivors lash together a raft that can see them to safety and you give them food to sustain them.
Your progress is slowed.
  • C) Give them 10 food from your inventory.
You apologise that you cannot jeopordise your trip, you offer them a share of your own food to help them survive.
You make progress. Lose 10 food.
  • D) Ignore them.
You sail straight past the shipwreck, paying them no mind.
You make good progress.

Week 3:

The third week of your trip brings mutiny amongst the crew, some believe the island doesn't exist, others than too many resources have been wasted needlessly.
  • A) Discuss the island with your crew.
You try to calm the crew by talking about the trip and the treasures of the island that await.
The crew appreciate the stories of the island and riches you hope to find.
You make good progress.
The crew care not for your stories of mystical islands and make believe wealth. You sail the ship almost single handedly.
Your progress is significantly slowed.
  • B) Confront the mutineers.
You challenge the crew to challenge you directly if they are unhappy.
Huge Success(x1):
The crew are intimidated by your aggressive stance and stand down.
You make good progress.
The crew take you up on your challenge.
Draw 2 Monster cards.
(After Combat)After dealing with the mutineers you are left with only a skeleton crew.
Your progress is slowed significantly.
  • C) Offer them 25 gold.
You increase the crews wages to settle them down, they seem much happier.
You make good progress. Lose 25 gold

Final Result:

Not enough progress 1:
Your search for the island goes longer than you have supplies for, you abandon your journey, drifting ashore depleted and exhausted.
Eat 5 food.
Not enough progress 2:
Despite your best efforts you can't find the Lost Island, you turn and head for home.
Enough Progress:
You finally make landfall on the Lost Island.
Acquire card's token.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Lost Island 1

Token[edit | edit source]

Encounter: Lost Island 3