Indecent Arrival

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Event[edit | edit source]

You are minding your own business in a local tavern when suddenly three masked men burst through the doors, grab a young man from the bar and manhandle him outside. One patron bursts out in protest but is quickly silenced by the solemn stares of all those around him.
"Leave them be, Garret. If it is his time, then it must be done."
Follow the masked attackers outside?

  • 1) Follow.
You follow the masked men outside. Immediately, you are confronted by a large crowd, all wearing masks.
Their leader speaks to you. "Whoa there, stranger. I really would prefer that no outsider witness what we're about here. I know this may look like a godforsaken thing we do, but you have no idea of our troubles, so I'll ask you not to involve yourself. I will not ask twice. We have no time for objections."
The crowd turns and drags away the young man, their torches burning a mournful light into the distance. Once the light has faded from sight, you follow their path into the forest. You catch up with them and, to your surprise, they are gathered around a yawning portal that whirls with malicious portent.
Despite their disguises, it is obvious that none of the hooded figures relish the sight before them, and many are obviously distraught. The captive is carried to the portal atop the shoulders of six people, as though they were his coffin bearers and he already dead. The young man's struggles are subdued by bonds of rope.
Will you interrupt the ceremony?
  • 1) Interrupt.
You burst forth from your hiding place and plead with the assembled crowd not to go through with whatever bizarre ritual they are engaged in but you gain no support.
Their leader eventually speaks above the crowd. "If this man is so adamant that one of our own should not be sent to the Underworld, then perhaps he should go himself!"
You are immediately seized by the crowd and pushed towards the portal. Try as you might, they are too strong for you and you cannot escape. You stumble and fall into the portal.
You fall to the ground with only a gentle jolt. You find yourself in a forest that bears a most striking resemblance to where you just were, but with two very significant differences: the crowd of masked onlookers are gone, and the sky burns with bright red flames.
Out of the sulphur and flames emerge foul hellbeasts.
Draw 4 of Hell
(After combat) Acquire card's token.
  • 2) Stay hidden.
You remain hidden from view and can only watch as the villager is thrown into the portal. It errupts with light and sounf and then disappears completely. The assembled crowd bow their heads and return to town.
  • 2) Stay.
You keep your seat and avoid raising suspicion

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Underworld DLC

Token[edit | edit source]

For venturing into the Underworld, you receive
Encounter: Alicia in Underworld