Holy Quest 4

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Event[edit | edit source]

Prior to defeating the King of Skulls: "You cannot enter the crypts until you know more about the foe you'll face. I cannot let you face this Skeleton King without knowing his power."

The abbott meets you at the entrance to the maze of crypts below the town of Rodero.
"we don't know exactly where the Skeleton king is located. We will have to work through the options over time. Today we try here." he says pointing to an area of the crypts on the map you recovered.
You attempt to decipher the map and find the Skeleton King's location.

Huge Success(x1):
You descend into a large underground crypt, as soon as you enter you realize that you found the lair of the Skeleton King and he has his Court with him.
Draw Jack of Skulls, Queen of Skulls, King of Skulls.
(After combat) You eagerly return to town to notify the abbott of your success.
"You have held your oath strongly and set an example for all of us to follow. The town is safe for now but we will always need to beware the evil that lurks here."
Acquire card's token.
You find the crypt you were looking for but the Skeleton King isn't here.
While you don't find the Skeleton King you do find some worthwhile treasure.
Draw 1 Gain Card.
One misplaced footstep is all it takes to send you tumbling down a hole and into darkness.
Draw 2 Pain Cards.
Huge Failure(x1):
You struggle to find your way back to the surface, you consume extra food as you work your way to safety.
Eat 1 food.
Huge Failure(x1):
While searching for the crypt described on the map you become lost.
You struggle to find your way back to the surface, you consume extra food as you work your way to safety.
Eat 2 Food.
Your journey back to Rodero is trial of losing possessions, finding traps, pain and general suffering.
Draw 3 Pain Cards.
Huge Failure(x1):
You struggle for days to find a way out of the crypts, you would have never made it out if the abbot hadn't sent people in to search for you.
Draw 3 Pain Cards.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Holy Quest 3

Token[edit | edit source]

Encounter: Holy Quest
Equipment: Monk Helm