Hero's Remains

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Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

King of Dust

Event[edit | edit source]

You pass a funeral - it's obvious from the size of the procession that the deceased was a well-loved figure. You are approached by the cleric. "This great hero fell defending our beloved town of Wandermere. His sword and shield are powerful artefacts, but must be returned to his hometown for the proper burial rites to be completed. Will you do this, traveller?"


  • A) Take the hero's belongings.
"Thank you, this will mean the world to his family. The town would have revolted had these artefacts not been returned."
"It's not far to the hero's hometown. Look for the town cleric when you get there."
Gain Viking Blade.
Gain Pain.
"And hurry! It's not wise to anger the spirits of the dead by delaying their proper rites."
Gain Heavy Burden.

  • B) Make an excuse.

Details[edit | edit source]

The player is given a sword and shield, and told to deliver it to a nearby town. If they accept, the town card is added to the floor on top of an uncovered space. The player is cursed with Heavy Burden but the curse is removed if they bring the items where they are told to bring them. The player may use the items in the intervening time and suffer no penalties. It is important to note that the curse can be removed for the price of 100 gold, thus allowing you to keep the items without suffering the health penalty.


  • A) Take the hero's belongings.
  • B) Make an excuse.

If the player takes the items, the encounter Hero's Return is placed somewhere in the floor. It is placed so the player can know where it is, but they must remember the location. When they reach the location they will be asked to give up the items.


  • You have given back the sword.
  • Give back sword.
  • Keep the dead adventurer's gear.
  • Give back shield.
  • Keep the shield.

If the player refuses to return the gear, they keep the curse and the encounter is inactive.

Rewards/Penalties[edit | edit source]

If player keeps items:
Viking Blade
Emperor's Jewel (console), Pain (PC)
Retains Heavy Burden Curse
If player returns items:
2 Gold Gain Cards OR 1 Blessing
Thank you. Blessed are we who, protected can fell those who trespass against us.
Heavy Burden Curse removed

Token[edit | edit source]

Equipment: War Cry
(DLC Only) Gain Card: Holy Order: Gain 10 gold per blessing