Greenborough Forest

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Event[edit | edit source]

More and more portals are opening up across the land, and hellbeasts are appearing with greater frequency. These portals seem to appear more often around the Greenborough forests.
Search the forest for clues?

  • 1) Search.
During your search, you discover some bags lost or left behind by traders and travellers.
Draw 2 Gain Cards.
Your investigation also uncovers what may be a treasure or powerful artefact, but it is concealed behind thick, strangling vines.
Try and chop through the vines?
  • 1) Chop.
You swing your weapon down, attacking the vines with gusto.
If weapon is not powerful enough:
Your weapon isn't strong enough to break through the vines.
If weapon is powerful enough (more than 25 damage?):
You swing your weapon down, attacking the vines with gusto.
Your weapons cleave through the vines to reveal an ancient stone artefact. At your touch, it rumbles to life and a familiar voice from the Underworld booms out. "You have found a totem of the Underworld - by chance, I'm sure. Foolish mages built these long ago to hold us back, but that came with a price. Now, as our might continues to grow, none of your kind is strong enough to stop us!"
"Your world fills with my minions and I will twist your fate to a cruel demise."
The totem fires a beam up into the sky, it is met by another from a far off location.
Places Underworld Totem card on the map.
  • 2) Leave.
Your search is fruitless and you leave the forest.
  • 2) Leave.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Alicia in Underworld