Great Eagle

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Event[edit | edit source]

You are crossing a grassy field one day, when a huge shadow passes over you. A moment late, a great eagel swoops down and lands nearby. You notice an arrow lodged in the beast's feathers. The eagle watches you with a steady gaze.

  • A) Try to remove the arrow.
The eagle's enormous beak stays poised to strike, as you slowly approach and gently grasp the arrow. It comes free easily and the bird relaxes. With a beat of its mighty wings, the eagle takes to the air. It grabs you with its claws and launches into the sky! You fly over the hills and rivers, watching the land pass by, far below.
Jump to a random tile.
The great eagle's head twists down to inspect you.
  • A) Point to the ground.
The eagle immediately swoops downwards. Minutes later, you are dropped carefully onto solid ground, and watch in wonderment as the mighty bird flies away into the distance.
Stay on tile.
  • B) Do nothing.
The eagle beats its mighty wings and continues its journey.
Repeat process.
The eagle's enormous beak stays poised to strike, as you slowly approach and clumsily grasp the arrow. Your unsteady hands rip it free, accidentally tearing the eagle's wing! With a cry of pain and anger, the bird reacts by stabbing at you with its razor-sharp beak, before lurching into the air and flying unsteadily away.
Draw 1 Pain card.
  • B) Avoid the bird.
The eagle waits until it is clear that you have no interest in it, then, with an ear-splitting screech, it spreads its vast wings and takes to the sky once more.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Kickstarter only.