Goblin King's Halls 4

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Event[edit | edit source]

"Great news!" Mr Lionel declares, excitedly, bursting from the back of a wagon as it passes you, along a well-trodden path through a sunny meadow.
"One of the Goblin King's sons has decided to challenge the old fool for his position as ruler of our people. Under goblin law, he can take his father's place if he can beat him single combat."
"But the king - crafty slug that he is - has hidden the crown in the treasure vaults. Without the crown, the leadership cannot be resolved. There must be chaos in the capital!"

Choice 1:

  • A) Ask about the capital.
"Hmmm? Oh, Goblin Town is hidden away in an enormous cavern under one of the human cities. You wouldn't believe which one, even if I told you. It's full of thieves, you know; no point visiting unless you have business with the King, or his family."
"Anyway, the point is that the crown is in one of the treasure vaults! If we can find it, then I can use it to blackmail the king into letting me back into the city! How about it, friend?"
  • B) Get to the point.
"Anyway, the point is that the crown is in one of the treasure vaults! If we can find it, then I can use it to blackmail the king into letting me back into the city! How about it, friend?"

Choice 2:

  • A) Let's go find another vault now.
"That's the spirit! Lionel says, gleefully, rubbing his hands together. "That crown is going to get me back to my rightful place! You lead the way this time!" Hours later, you stand staring through the doorway into another vault. "Good luck, my friend!" Lionel says, giving you a reassuring pat on the arm. "Find the treasure chest; the crown must be in there!" You pause for a moment, wondering if that was a voice you heard echoing between the traps. Lionel gives you a helpful kick to the rear, sending you through the doorway.
Player is sent to trap maze where the goal is to find and open a treasure chest. Meteors will be shot at you from above at regular intervals.
(No chest found:)
"Where is the crown!? your goblin companion demands, springing out of nowhere as you exit the maze. "What do you mean there are goblins in there throwing bombs at you? That's great news! The crown must be inside! Wait! They're probably moving the crown to another vault as we speak. You'd better try harder next time!"
(Chest found:)
Outside, you meet up with Mr Lionel again. "Did you get it?" he asks, excitedly. "Quickly! You must have it!" You hold out the Goblin Crown - an ugly wooden thing, embedded with large gems - for his inspection.
"The crown - my ticket home - at last! Just as he reaches out to take the crown, a trio of goblins appear from the treasure vault, one of them saying "I'm telling you, there was a human down here!"
The goblins stop dead and stare at you. "Look!" one of them screams. "He's taken the King's crown!" You turn back to discover Mr Lionel is nowhere to be seen.
"Stop, thief!" one of the goblin guards yells, as another goblin blows on his horn and a magic portal appears. More goblins begin to arrive, all yelling and pointing in your direction.
"Get him!" yells one. "Seize him! yells another. "Your the King's favourite. You seize him!" You decide to leave before the increasing number of goblin guards bolsters their courage enough to compel them into action.
Acquire card's token.
  • B) Your quest for the crown will have to wait.
"What?! By the heathen gods of the northern tribes, this is it! My big chance! Our big chance! There's no time to lose!

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Goblin King's Halls 3

Token[edit | edit source]

For helping Mr Lionel with his quest, you receive:
Encounter: Maze of Traps, Goblins
Equipment: Goblin King Crown