Goblin King's Halls 2

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Event[edit | edit source]

While walking by a huge tree at the edge of the lake, Mr Lionel's head appears from the leaves above. "Excellent work, my lad!" Mr Lionel declares, sighting the lock of elven hair and leaping to the ground. "Didn't have to break too many bones getting this, I trust? Never mind. Best I don't know, eh?" He then calibrates the device, turning it over in his hands. "This bit turns like this...This knob pushes in there...Not sure what this fiddly bit here does...It's working!" Lionel gasps with glee, as the amulet begins to glow. By waving the amulet around in the air, the goblin somehow contrives to lead you on a haphazard journey over hills and across rivers, until finally you come to a trapdoor hidden by foliage, under an ancient tree. Through the doorway you see a stone chamber, and hear a variety of strange, mechanical noises. "There may be some traps. Kings can never be too careful when guarding their treasure, hmmm? I'm sure I mentioned them earlier...Now, get in there and steal 50 gold pieces for me. I'll hold your gold until you get out, and meet you on the other side. Good luck!" With a firm boot to your backside, Lionel sends you tumbling through the trapdoor.

Lose all gold. Fully heal. Collect gold in a trap maze level.

(After maze) Mr Lionel immediately greets you upon your escape, lifting your bag of gold before you even realize he is there. He counts out the coins you managed to retrieve.

Not enough gold:

"Hmmm... not nearly enough! I want my revenge! Get back in there and get me my gold!" Mr Lionel watches you expectantly.
  • A) Go back into the maze.
With a deep breath you turn and go back into the maze of gold and traps.
Repeat encounter, keep gold collected in previous attempts.
  • B) Leave.
You turn and bolt before Mr Lionel convinces you to risk your life again.

Enough (40) gold:

"Not bad. Not bad at all! he says, happily. "I'll eat these later. For now, good work, my boy! Let's get out of here before the Goblin King discovers what's what! Here's your gold back. Sorry if it smells like old cheese now."
Gain up to previous gold amount. Acquire card's token.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

The Maiden

Token[edit | edit source]

For helping Mr Lionel with his quest, you receive:
Encounter: Goblin King's Halls 3