Ghost Of The Sea

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Event[edit | edit source]

  • If Kraken not defeated:
    While walking by the ocean at night, you notice that the waves are starting to crash ever more violently and with a thunderous roar. Out of the whitecaps rushes an angry malevolent spirit. her howling speech rings in your ears. "Another land dweller oblivious to the dangers of the sea! You do nothing to stop cruelty and violence of the ocean. Until someone claims vengeance for me, I shall wreak mine upon all who idly dwell upon the shore!"
    Draw 1 curse card.
  • If Kraken defeated:
    While walking by the sea at night, you notice the sea surge up. The surf settles, and out of it reappears the ghost of Carlo's wife. She seems to be much calmer than usual. "I had grown accustomed to the idea that the well of vengeance in my soul would never run dry." "You've defeated the Kraken in mortal combat. Although the beast still lives, you have shown me that someone could stand against it. For that I shall be eternally grateful. I will be here to help you when you need me."
    Acquire card's token.
  • If token acquired:
    Random reward, unless playing as Warlord or Soldier's Training.
    Possible rewards include:
    • Draw 2 Gain Cards
    • Draw 2 Health Gain Cards
    • Draw 2 Gold Gain Cards
    • Draw 2 Equipment Gain Cards
    • Remove random curse
    • Removes all curses
    • 25 Ore (if playing Iron Hunger)
    • Draw 1 Max Health Gain Card (if playing Curse of the Lion Prince)

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

The Tavern Attack

Token[edit | edit source]

The Ghost of the Sea now favours you.
Encounter: Sunken Treasure