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Encounters are the main game card of Hand of Fate. Most have a token that can be won by overcoming the challenge presented to the player. Encounters can consist of combat, a chance event, or both.

A chance event consists of four cards that are shown to the player face up. They are then flipped, and shuffled. The player then selects one. Depending on what is chosen, a different event occurs. The chance cards can be: Huge Success, Success, Failure, and Huge Failure. Any arrangement of these cards may appear.

Name Type
A Wife's Fury Decision / Chance / Combat
A Winding Trail Combat
An Angry Mob Decision / Chance
Ambush Combat
Bandit Attack Combat
Battle At Brooktop Decision / Combat / Chance
Cave Rescue Decision / Chance / Combat
Hellbeasts Attack Combat
Cursed Treasure Decision / Chance
Stranger in the Shadows Decision / Chance