Embertown Hero

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Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Queen of Dust

Event[edit | edit source]

(Event 1: If the player has no artefacts) You come across an injured adventurer, whose battered and bloodied armour tells you he's seen combat recently.

  • 1) Ask him his troubles. Spawns a new card of the same name on the map, once there proceed to A.
I've been chasing a pack of thieves that attacked my home village of Embertown. I killed some of them in an ambush, but I fear I lack the strength to chase the rest of them down.
"If you have any honour, you will find those jackal and make them pay."
A new Embertown Hero card (bandit version) is added to the playing field.
A) Confrontation with the raiders
You have caught up with the Embertown village raiders, who call out, "Stay your hand adventurer and we will share the spoils with you."
  • A-1) Refuse to Deal with the thieving scum.:
You tell them to ask their Gods for more mercy than you are about to show them.
Draw 1-2 Monster Cards.
They move in for the kill.
(After combat)You carefully turn out the thieves pockets.
Afterwards Draw 1-3 Gain Cards. And gain the card's token if it's not already taken.
(No token)Afterwards, you return to tell the hero of Embertown your success. He gestures for you to come closer.
In barely more than a whisper, he relates the location of an ancient treasure hidden in the valley of hill giants. Then he dies. (Acquire card's token.)
  • A-2) Accept
Huge Success: Draw 3 Gain Cards.
The bandits grow nervous as you approach. Suddenly, one of them drops a sack and bolts into the forest. The others quickly follow.
Success: Draw 1 Gain Card.
You accept a share of the treasure that they stole from the village.
Failure: Face 2 Monster Cards and Draw 1 Pain Card.
Huge Failure: Face 2 Monster Cards and Draw 3 Pain Card.
As you approach, someone yells, "Now!" and a hail of arrows launches from the trees. Two groups of bandits move in for the kill.

Event 2: (When you have an artefact)
As you approach, his eyes are drawn to your artefact.
"I've always wanted that!" he yells, as he lunges forward.
  • 1) Fight him off
Huge Success:
You manage to accidentally impale him. You loot his body.
Draw 2 Gain Cards.
You fight him of and he runs away
You both struggle. Ultimately, the stranger somehow slips the artefact from you and runs off into the forest.
Draw 1 Equipment Pain Card.
Huge Failure:
He knocks you to the ground and kicks your weapon into the forest. Defenceless, you can do little to stop him taking your artefact and gold. Later, you manage to find your weapon.
Lose artefact. Lose all gold.
  • 2) Flee
Event ends.
He tackles you and sends you both flailing into the undergrowth. In the shadows, he manages to wrest your artefact from your grip and disappear into the forest with it.
Lose artefact.

  • 2) Ignore him.
"You would turn your back on an adventurer in need? I curse you!" He spits at you as he slumps down against a tree.
The dealer draws you 1 Pain Card
The player is Cursed.

Token[edit | edit source]

For defeating the bandits who looted Embertown, you receive:

Encounter: Warning Signs
Equipment: Ring of Justice