Devil's Blind Wager

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Event[edit | edit source]

A devil appears in a puff of smoke and fixes its evil gaze upon you.
"Greetings, mortal!" "If you can defeat my minions without taking a scratch, I will reward you with gold and magical trinkets." "However! I shall not tell you in advance who or what will challenge you."

  • 1) Accept.
"Excellent! Let's get you ready..."

Lose all but 10 health.

"Who would be a good fit to test you? Ah, I know..."
A portal briefly opens, leaving behind your opponents.
Draw Monster Cards.
Well played, mortal! Here, you earned this," the creature declares, producing a small pile of treasure.
Draw 5 Gain Cards.
Regain your lost health.
  • 2) Decline.
"A wise choice. Wise, but rather dull."
It vanishes with a sigh.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]