Dark Crystal

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Dark Crystal.jpg

Event[edit | edit source]

You are passing a tower in a deep forest, when a wizard appears. "I am Bazagra the wizard and I have a proposition for you, adventurer."

"I have located a powerful, dark crystal, but the cave that holds it is infested with lava golems. The primitive brutes sense it's great puissance, but are unable to utilize it."

"If you go and clear the cave for me, I will fashion the gem into a magical device with miraculous healing properties, which we both may use in the future."

"So, what say you, ruffian? Will you aid me, and yourself?"

A) Accept

    "Do not tarry - I anticipate your victory and swift return."
    -receive card token-

B) Refuse

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]


Token[edit | edit source]

Encounter:Dark Crystal Pt 2