Cursed Gambler

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Event[edit | edit source]

In an old tavern at the edge of a dark forest, you meet a gambler.
"Care to try your luck at the cards?" he asks, with a wicked gleam in his eye.
  • A) Accept
He grins diabolically as you sit down, making you uneasy. "The stakes are this - if you win, I'll give you something from my collection of magical items. If I win, then I'll curse you instead."
He deals the cards and you play a round.
  • Success (x1):
You play well. Your opponent frowns, then reaches beneath the table for your prize.
Draw 1 Equipment Card.
  • Failure (x3):
You play poorly. The man says, "Since you've been such a good sport, I'll let you choose the curse."
Reveal 2 Curse Cards and choose 1 card to keep.
Would you like to play another round?
  • A) Accept
Deal 4 new cards leading to the same consequences. He would stop playing against you if you lose enough times in a row. (have too many curses?)
  • B) Decline
"A shame." the man remarks. "You probably would have won the next round."
  • B) Decline
(One of the Following)
Lose half your food.
Lose half your gold.
Lose nothing.