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Scales, Skulls, Dust and Dread, Four Suits, Four Fates, Four Prices Paid
~ Ancient Proverb

Court is the term used to describe the hierarchy of "bosses" in Hand of Fate.

Description[edit | edit source]

There are 12 members of the Court, which is made up of 4 Suits, with each Suit having 3 Ranks. The 12 cards of the Court provide the structure and framework for the player's progression through the game.

Suits[edit | edit source]

The 4 Suits of the Court:

(There are other Suits, but they are not considered to be members of the Court.)

Ranks[edit | edit source]

The 3 Ranks of each Suit:

  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King

Members[edit | edit source]

Court Members (listed by Story Mode progression):

  1. Jack of Dust
  2. Jack of Skulls
  3. Queen of Dust
    Reward: The Goblet
  4. Jack of Plague
  5. King of Dust
  6. Jack of Scales
    Reward: The Sceptre
  7. Queen of Skulls
  8. Queen of Plague
  9. King of Skulls
    Reward: The Pentacle
  10. Queen of Scales
  11. King of Plague
  12. King of Scales
    Reward: The Dagger
  13. The Dealer