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A host of challenges and equipment wait to be discovered in the Hand of Fate world. As the player explores the world, he or she will face a variety of encounters, both good and bad. The player will come across a variety of weapons, artefacts, and armour to assist in their travels, but where the cards fall in the end is up to chance.

The weapons range from brute force apparatus to magical devices of destruction. Artifacts provide the player with special abilities that can be triggered during combat, while magical weapons have their own intrinsic powers. Armour ranges from pure defensive, to magically enhancing your abilities and attacks.

The guiding principle for Hand of Fate is that every piece of gear should be a game changer. There are no "Sword + 5% damage" instead there are weapons that become more powerful the weaker you get, shields that shoot fire when you block, artifacts that create a whirlwind of destruction, and many more. Discovering unique combinations of weapons, armour, and abilities is one of the keys to mastering Hand of Fate.