Captain of the Guards

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Event[edit | edit source]

You hear a shout from up ahead and the sounds of battle! Racing forward you discover a warrior surrounded by undead.
Broken bones litter the area around the man, but there are still more closing in on him and he appears badly injured.
"Stranger!" he calls out as he throws his weapon to you, "Here, take my mace and put an end to these monstrosities!"

Draw 2 x Suit of Skulls.
Gain Mace.

After combat:
"Good work putting them to rest! Keep the mace - we have enough back at Kadere." he says slowly standing.
"We've been hearing reports of undead in our kingdom recently and I came to investigate."

He stops to look around at all the bone fragments. "More of them than I suspected. Some new horror must have decided to settle in these parts and brought its minions."
"I must head back to the capital and report this to the duke. Watch your step friend - there is something more at work than just these skeletons."

Unlocked by[edit | edit source]

Jack of Dust

Token[edit | edit source]

For helping the captain of the guards, you receive:
Equipment: 2 x Mace