Captain's Woes

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Event[edit | edit source]

In a tavern, you're approached by a salty sea captain. He tells you a story of great woe: a cursed treasure, many a crossed sword and a whole crew lost to Davey Jones's locker.
Captain Boccanera says he knows a way to get his crew back, but he needs the help of a brave warrior. He promises great treasures, which he and his crew have acquired on their journeys.
Will you help him?
    Yes, help him get his crew back.
        My crew was taken from me by a lich and her crew of skeletons. If the lich can be defeated, my crew will be freed from their cursed prison.
        Draw 1 lich and 1 skeleton monster card.
        The captain thanks you for your efforts. He shares with you some of the spoils of their adventures.
        Gain card's token.
        Draw 3 equipment cards.
        Although killing the lich has freed the crew of the Salty Dog, Davey Jones must always receive a soul. One day that debt must be paid.
    No, leave him to mourn his lost crew.
        “You would leave those poor souls to spend an eternity in a watery nightmare? You're a coward and a fool, and I curse your name!”
        Draw 1 curse card.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Warlord 2

Token[edit | edit source]

For helping Captain Boccanera free his crew, you receive this card:
Encounter: The Curse of Davy Jones
Gain Card: Gain 10 Food