Call for a Priest

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Call for the Priest is an Encounter Card in Hand of Fate. It is one of the random Shop Cards added to the deck by The Dealer. It is the cheapest of two shops that can remove curses, the other being Travelling Healer.

Available Services[edit | edit source]

Buy Blessings: The player may buy up to four blessings at their listed value.

Heal Wounds: The player may pay 8 gold to regain 10 health, or 10 gold to regain 15 health.

Remove Curses: The player may spend the removal cost of any curse card to remove that curse.

Sell Items: Items can be sold for their listed value.

Buy Food: The player may pay 11 gold to gain 3 food, or 18 gold to gain 5 food.

Revisiting[edit | edit source]

Shop cards can be revisited.