Blood Auction

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Description[edit | edit source]

This encounter has six forms, all with an identical content: Blood Auction I to Blood Auction VI.
Unlocking each one's token upgrades the encounter to the next one in the list.

Event[edit | edit source]

If you never visited this encounter before:
    In the moonlit ruins of a long-forgotten castle, a host of unholy creatures gather.
If you already got this card's token:
    A strange little creature comes up to you and says, "You should not be here now - the masters are busy... feeding."
    You discover that vampires are holding secret blood auctions. Mortals are allowed to bid using their own blood.
    Choice if you have more than 60 health:
        Bid some blood.
            You are ushered into the circle of bidders.
            Tonight's item is a magical ring that you are unfamiliar with.
                Bid 60 health.
                Bid 120 health.
                Bid 180 health.
            A strange creature comes to you and draws out your blood. "You gotta pay, even if you lose the bid." the creature explains.
            You wait while all the bids are taken.
            Loose the amount of health you bidded.
            X Success: (Amount depends on the height of your bid.)
                You are successful in your bid. The strange creature returns and says, "Your item will be gift-wrapped and sent to you."
                Gain card's token.
                You decide to leave before the vampires take any further interest in you.
            Y Failure:
                You lose the bid. The vampires take a break before the next item and you decide to leave before they take an interest in you.
            You leave, discreetly.
    If you do not have the health:
        "Sorry, you don't have enough blood left to make the minimum bid. Heal up and come back later."

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Stranger in the Shadows

Token[edit | edit source]

The next Blood Auction encounter.
A new item, depending on the current encounters number.
Blood Auction I: Plunderer's Ring
Blood Auction II: Ring of Reward
Blood Auction III: Emergency Ring
Blood Auction IV: Ring of Exchange
Blood Auction V: Veteran's Ring
Blood Auction VI: Ring of Experience