Angry Guild Master

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Event[edit | edit source]

As you travel the dark streets of Steigal one night, a nobleman atop a mighty steed nearly knocks you down.

  • A) Humbly apologise.
"Out of my way, peasant!" he calls, as he rides away. "My daughter has run away with a vagabond!"
As you call out an apology, you are struck by a rider coming from the other direction.
Lose 10 health.
  • B) Steal from him.
  • Huge Success (x0-1):
You regain your feet and leap onto the horse, feigning attempts to attack the rider. He easily rebuffs you, while you reach into his satchel and steal some treasure.
Draw 1 Equipment Card.
Gain this card's token.
  • Success (x1-2):
As you pull yourself up, you steal some supplies from the rider.
Draw 1-2 Gain Cards.
Gain this card's token.
  • Failure (x1):
"Get your filthy hands off me, swine!" The nobleman slaps you away.
Draw 1 Health Pain Card.
  • Huge Failure (x1):
While reaching for a low-hanging coin purse, your hand becomes entangled in the reins. You are dragged along underneath the horse for some time.
Draw 3 Pain Cards.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

The Lovers

Token[edit | edit source]

For stealing from the guild master, you receive:
Encounter: The Lonely Bard
Equipment: Guild Master's Ring

Notes[edit | edit source]

In early builds of the game, this card was known as Prince of Shadows.