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Event[edit | edit source]

If you own the Crown of Mortal Danger:

You are travelling along peacefully, when the Crown of Mortal Danger alerts you to peril!
You sense an ambush up ahead.
A) Attack them!
You charge into combat, killing some of your opponents before they have a chance to react!
Draw 1-3 Monster Cards.
Get "After combat" choice.
B) Avoid the area completely.
You turn and head down a side trail instead.


A slight rustling behind you is all the warning you get that your life is in grave danger.
Draw 1-3 Monster Cards.
Get "After combat" choice.

After combat: (If you fought the monsters)

While searching the area for anything worth salvaging, you realise that one of your opponents is only pretending to be dead!
A) Sneak up and kill them.
2-3 Success:
A quick weapon-blow to the head fixes that! You finish searching the area.
Draw 2-3 Gain Cards.
1-2 Failure:
Taken by surprise, you are knocked to the ground! When you recover, you find yourself alone with the dead.
Draw 1 Pain Card.
B) Flee.
You swiftly move into the shadows of the forest and leave the area safely.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Starting card

Token[edit | edit source]