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Event[edit | edit source]

As you attempt to discover more about the bizarre portal you encountered, one name keeps recurring: a mystic named Alicia. Apparently, her expertise on all aspects of shadow realms, inter-dimensional travel and beasts of the void is unparalleled.
You track Alicia's caravan, she travels under the guise of a fortune teller. Her appearance doesn't match the whispers about her; she is considerably shorter and has much more of a beard. She audibly clears her throat before speaking to you. "Welcome, stranger."
She recoils in mock blindness. "The dark clouds of fate swirl around you in a tempest. For a little gold I can help you see your future through the storm."
Pay 3 gold to be told your fortune?

  • 1) Pay 3 gold.
Huge Success(x1):
The mystic's eyes flash wide open. "You...your fortune is awash with death and destruction, but there is also hope. You carry fortune's favour with you. How may I aid you in your endeavours?"
"To someone with such a powerful aura as yours, I could tell of what I know. The price for such information, though, would be high..."
If not carrying an artefact::
"Sadly, I see that you have nothing I desire: no powerful magical artifacts. Perhaps if you returned with one I would be more forthcoming."
End encounter, but card stays active.
If carrying an artefact:
"To someone with such a powerful aura as yours, I could tell of what I know. The price for such information, though, would be high: a powerful magical trinket, such as the one you are carrying?"
Exchange an artefact for the mystic's information on the Underworld?
  • 1) Give
You hand over an artefact to the mystic. She appears quite surprised. "Oh...okay then...I guess now I have to tell you all the many things I know about the Underworld..."
Gone is the smooth voice of the mystic, replaced now by a much more agricultural accent.
Seemingly unsure of her words. "The underworld is a mystical place..."
"Look, the mystic - the real one - just pays me to drive the carriage and look after the horses, I just fill in occasionally. The other day she comes over all strange, talking about portals to the Underworld and such, and says she's going to investigate. That was two days ago, I'm starting to get a bit worried, will you go look for her, adventurer?"
  • 1) Offer to search for the missing mystic.
You venture out into the woods behind the mystic's caravan and soon come across another portal like the one at the village sacrifice. As you edge closer to the portal, a powerful voice booms out in a delighted cackle "At last! A visitor to my domain!"
You are dragged into the portal.
Once you're ejected on the other side, you shout to the sky about your search for the mystic of San Reviere. "Your mystic is dead." the voice replies. "She came with no understanding of the power here. Her foolish soul now feeds me and my minions, as will yours!"
Draw 2x 4 of Hell
(After combat) With the last hellbeast slain, the voice rings out once more. "You have won for now, but my forces will rise up and take the land above by force. You cannot stop us!"
Acquire card's token.
  • 2) Leave.
  • 2) Keep
The mystic exhales and opens her eyes. You detect a hint of disappointment.
"A short stranger will soon enter your life, with blessings to share."
Repeat choice.
  • 2) Explain your interest in finding out more about the Underworld.
The mystic looks around nervously, before saying "Now, what makes you think that I'd know anything about such things? I am but a humble fortune teller."
"Can I not interest you in such services?"
Repeat choice without this option.
  • 3) Refuse.
You decide not to pay for tricks and half-truths, and leave the mystic's caravan.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Indecent Arrival

Token[edit | edit source]

For attempting to rescue the mystic, you receive:
Encounter: Greenborough Forest