A Wife's Fury

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Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

The Crucible

Event[edit | edit source]

While travelling through a small town, you're accosted by a furious woman who shouts at you from the door of her homestead. "You there! You look like you can handle yourself. My husband was supposed to be home hours ago, but instead he's with his pals, drinking away all our coin!"

Choices[edit | edit source]

“They left the spoils from their latest 'job' here. If you go and teach him a lesson, you can take your pick.
What do you say?”

  • A) Go to the tavern and confront the husband.
“Now here's someone with some sense. I would go crack his skull myself, but our dragon cow is birthing a litter and might burn the whole place down.”
You corner the woman's husband at the local tavern. He is busy playing a drinking game with his friends.
Reveal Jack of Dust and 1 Monster Cards

  • A) Threaten him.
(With low health:)
He looks up and laughs at you. "You look nearly dead, my friend! Give my wife my regards!"
They throw you out of the tavern.

Huge Success:
The man eyes you uncertainly, but agrees to go back with you. Once home, the wife hands you a sack, saying, "Take your pick."
Choose 1 of 4 Gain Cards.
Gain Card's Token.
"I hear worse threats from my wife every day of the week!" he scoffs.
Fight revealed monsters.
You return to the woman, bringing her battered husband with you.
"Just drop him in the corner and take what you want from this rubbish." she says, handing you a sack.
Choose 1 of 4 Gain Cards.
Gain Card's Token.

  • B) Join in his drinking game.
You entertain the local tavern folk with your drinking capacity and tales of adventure.
Draw 1 Gain Card.
Gain Card's Token.
You drink too many flagons of Gnomish ale and fall unconscious sometime in the early hours. You awaken in a nearby ditch the next morning.
Huge Failure:
The man must have put something in your drink, because you quickly fall unconscious.
(One out of the following:)
You wake up in a nearby ditch with no gold.
You lose all gold.
You wake up in a nearby ditch with most of your food missing.
You lose food.
You wake up in a nearby ditch without your helmet.
You lose your currently equipped helmet.
You wake up in a nearby ditch, feeling drained.
You lose health.

  • C) Use your Crushing Grips gauntlets to convince him to leave.
The man pales visibly as you seize his shoulder in your vice-like grip. You forcefully pull him outside the tavern and back to his home.
"That's the way to get him in line!" the wife cackles, gleefully. "Here, have this rubbish." she says, handing you a sack.
Gain ???

  • B) Leave the wife to deal with it herself.
“Typical, another coward - you're just like all the rest. A curse on you!”
Draw 1 Curse Card.

Token[edit | edit source]

For going to the tavern to retrieve the woman's husband, you receive:

Encounter: Tavern Wager